“The Collector”

Title : “The Collector”

Year : 2013

Medium : Reproduction

Dimensions : 21 x 36″

Availability : Limited Edition Giclee

What do you value? Collecting is one way to allow the collector to keep the past forever in the present.



1. a person who collects things of a specified type, professionally or as a hobby.
“an art collector”

The Perspective :

A person who’s life has taken a turn towards poverty. Perhaps mental health is an issue, maybe even chemical dependents keep them from a life we believe regular, normal. Yet still they have memories. They hold on to things which they find valuable to their existence. They collect them.
Our culture and the art  should be available for all to view, twenty-four hours, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty-five days a year. Collect what is meaningful to you from this very short time you have, even if it’s just an image in your mind to keep in your never-ending gallery of thoughts.

There are those that collect for pure enjoyment; those who collect for investment; those who collect to preserve the past, those who collect to expand their social circles; those who enjoy the quest (knowing that their collection will never be complete in their lifetime); those who collect for prestige or fame; those who are fulfilling a void in their self-identity; and those who enjoy experimenting with arranging and re-arranging a microcosm of objects obtained from the larger world. For many collectors, it is a combination of several of these reasons, and without these powerful motivations many of the world’s great museums and libraries would not exist today.

Just as fascinating about why people collect is what they collect. There are even terms that have evolved to explain what people collect; such as, a numismatist collects coins, a horologist collects clocks, an a deltiologist collects postcards.

What do you call an collector of African american art?

I guess informed.


Key points :

Items in cart, redtails toy plane,banjo lesson print, vintage dodgers pennant,oscar (d washington

tribute), military helmet,newspaper article from mlk assassination.

The overlooked currency on the pavement.

Painting from her history in the window (if the shoe fits, anti-aportion)

The hand in the window denying her visual access.

Available as a limited edition giclee on canvas , 21 by 36 inches / edition size 50


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  • Kelicia Pitts
    July 18, 2016

    I needed to see this. God Bless You.