Title :   “Ruth”

Year :  2013

Medium : canvas reproduction

Dimensions : 30 x 40

Availability :   (Limited Edition Reproductions Available)

A new direction or path can be difficult. In those moments, listen to the sounds around you. God speaks through the wind and in the clouds, showing Ruth the direction she must take. The painting depicts the moment when Ruth made the choice to accompany Naomi.

Ruth 1:15-16

15 “Look,” said Naomi, “your sister-in-law is going back to her people and her gods. Go back with her.” 16 But Ruth replied,…..

“Don’t urge me to leave you or to turn back from you. Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God..

 Listen to the story of Ruth

 Ruth and Naomi’s journey from Moab to Bethlehem was about thirty to sixty miles, depending on the route taken. As the terrain is rugged and steep, the trip is estimated to take seven to ten days on foot. Brief as The book of Ruth is, and simple as is its story, it is remarkably rich in examples of faith, patience, industry, and kindness, nor less so in indications of the care which God takes of those who put their trust in him.” For further reading into the complete story of Ruth visit..(updating link) or perhaps simply spend a moment with your bible in a quiet space and learn of the importance of Ruth’s decision and how it contributed in the blood line of our savior Jesus Christ.

Available as a Limited Edition Giclée on canvas 30 x 40 

(edition of thirty five) Due to the very limited number in this edition this may be purchased by phone orders only (267-518-8013)

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