“If The Shoe Fits (boy)”

Title : “If The Shoe Fits (Girl)”

Year : 2012

Medium : Oil on canvas

Dimensions : 30 x 60 in (76.2 x 152.4 cm)

Availability : Private Collection

The original conceptual painting “If the Shoe fits” was taken from a point in history where civil rights may have been a whisper in the wind among few.

The idea of not being able to sell a shoe if it had previously been tried on by a person of color predominantly occurred in the southern states of the U.S. . African Americans were required to trace their feet in order to be fitted for shoes .  The painting conveys a moment of acceptance to some degree, yet the anticipation of the newer shoes remain the focal point in his mind .

Key points : The sign stating (whites only) has been repainted to read (coloreds welcomed). The readily available x-ray unit also remained unusable to patrons of color.

If the shoe fits, wear it 
If a description applies to you, then accept it .

This expression is often used when something derogatory is said about a person who then complains to a third party. The third party, if they agree with the original negative comment, might suggest “If the shoe fits, then wear it”. An example of that might be:

” I am not racist, I allowed anyone despite the color of their skin to purchase shoes from my establishment”. However you will not allow everyone to try them on, If the shoe fits…

“If The Shoe Fits” limited edition giclée was created from a painting from the uncolored series by Edwin Lester .We offer the highest quality giclée prints from the latest technology in canvas and art paper printing. Our giclées are treated with a ultraviolet (UV) and scratch resistant coating  to preserve and display it properly. Your canvas giclée will be shipped pre stretched on 3/4 x 1 1/2 inch wooden stretcher bars. All canvas prints will be endorsed and numbered  on the front and reverse side, and each giclée is accompanied with a certificate of authenticity

Available as a limited edition giclée on canvas , 21 by 40 inches / edition size 50 Plus 10 remarques and 7 artist proofs.


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