” By Every Means”

Means we use must be as pure as the ends we seek   -Martin Luther King Jr.


Title :   “By Every Means”

Series : The Uncolored Series

Year :  2016

Medium : canvas reproduction

Dimensions : 21 x 33 1/2 in

Availability :  limited edition 


This painting is part of a collection of   works entitled “The Uncolored Series” Paintings about color without color. Each painting deals with a unique  issue in the stages of  African American life and culture.

By Every Means” Learn to learn.

Writing can be an experience of enlightenment. For education ,entertainment, and at times a necessity.  Imagine if you will, standing in a foreign land. Unable to express your opinions, desires, and  basic needs. Only to find yourself relying on symbols you have come to understand through the trial and error of others. This imagined thought you’re having was all too true for the men and women who lived as slaves not so long ago.

Write the wrongs. Leave your history for others to learn from. Don’t be downsized, replaced,or obsolete due to a lack of knowledge. Learn from whoever and whenever. Remember you’re never too old to learn, perhaps just too smart. Let the young dog teach the old one a trick or two. Better to have lived knowing.

Key Points:

Teaching her to write and identify the signs she will need on her journey up North to freedom.

The hand hidden in the wheel barrel of hay ( someone beginning there journey)

The lack of shoes allowed her to identify with her pupil.
The woman on the porch is searching for her daughter (she obviously has an idea of where she might have gone).
The freedom quilt with symbols used in the underground railroad movement.


The book hidden in the tree from the reading lessons in the  (By Any Means) painting.
That hand in the window could mean a lot. It was placed there to mean one of three things . No right or wrong answer , just your opinion through your perception.

1. Helping her. Her look out. Warning her of someone approaching.
2. Wanting her to stop. Against the idea of learning due to fear of punishment .
3. Take me with you, I want to learn too. Teach me what you have learned.

This has been an experiment in narrative art perception. 

Available as a limited edition reproduction on canvas 21 x 33 1/2 inches retail: $350.00 usd

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Your print will be signed by the artist.


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